The name of the orphanage “SUSHANTI CHILDREN HOME”  means peace and loving house for the orphaned children.  The orphanage is located in Brahmagiri Coloby Unkul, Hubli. The Orphanage has the responsibility of feeding around 34 girls in the age group of 6 to 12.  Their educational needs are met by the Government Schools which are located closed by Children home.  The Trust serves all people regardless of religion, cast, race, ethnicity or gender. But rather, our basic necessities such as like food, clothing, daily requirements (oils, soaps, tooth paste, etc) are supplied by the Trust.  The Trust also aiming to construct a proper home for these children with better living place of ample sanitation, play-ground and other facilities.

The task of constructing new home for the orphans would be very difficult without the generous giving from the society.

We also acknowledge the support of many people with their prayers, labor & generous heart without which the reaching to this level would have been challenging.